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The Noah`s Ark Model Store ( News & Model Comments )
Since 1997, the Noahs Ark Model Store has specialized in the sale of exceptional One-of-a- Kind Handcrafted Museum Quality Biblical Noahs Ark Models, Cross Section Models, Noah Ark Wall Plaques, and Noahs Ark Dioramas. We build and sell our Noahs Ark Models all around the world, you can see these beautiful Ark models at the Noahs Ark Model Store, and our Ship Models at the Model Ship Store. Noahs Ark Gifts Please feel free to Post a Comment about your Noahs Ark Model that you Ordered from us.
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Hi Den, Just to let you know that Teri was absolutely thrilled by the ark. It now has pride of place in our arched window between the family room and the study so we can see both sides . It is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for your work and the effort you made to keep me informed of progress. All the best for the new year - I am in danger of becoming ark obsessed myself! Regards Scott
Posted by Scott

My Noahs Ark Model
You did a spectacular job on the model! I've never seen a piece so detailed! Thanks for all your hard work!
Posted by John

Hello Dennis, Noah's Ark docked in port this evening by US Mail. It is gorgeous and beyond my wildest expectation!!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!! I deeply appreciate your hard work on the model. I am truly overwhelmed.
Posted by Larry Boher

My Models
Hello Den, The two packages have arrived in good condition. Santa Maria arrived on 20 Oct, and the cross section on 22 Oct. Thank you for all your services given to us. I really like the cross section, and very sure our attendees also will be blessed. Thanks for your kind attention and professional service. I'm very satisfied dealing with you. God bless you and your ministry! Regards from Indonesia, Erich Unarto
Posted by Erich

My Shippment
Hi Den, I received the ark in the mail. Thank you for the excellent service, Regards, Nihal
Posted by Nihal

Dear Den, Thank you for your kind offer to make us a scale model for God's Ark of Safety. That will be fantastic, and will be a great thing for the visitors who come to see the Ark. Over the years I've seen thousands come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through this Ark, and I can only see more come to know Him as they view your Model and ask more questions, giving us the opportunity share Jesus Christ with them. Hopefully my office manager has connected you with our architect to give you some dimensions. God bless you as you labor for the Lord. If you ever get this way please stop in and visit with us. Do keep in touch. WE have a Newsletter we send out every two months, and we'll try and keep you posted on what's happening here. Maranatha!!! Paster Greene

Noahs Ark Mount Ararat Model
This is just to let you know that the "Ararat Ark" arrived today. It looks fabulous!! I love it, and I am very thrilled to get it. I love the Ark and the way you have it positioned on the mountain. Thank you so very much for taking the time to build it and add this model to your repertoire of fine ship models. I am deeply honored that you would do this at my simple suggestion. I am also thrilled to have another Dennis Holmes original art work in my home! Thanks again for everything!! Take care and may God richly bless you always!! I hope to talk with you again soon. In grateful appreciation, - Larry
Posted by Larry

Our Loyd Murphy Towboat Model
Dear Den, OUR SHIP MODEL IS HERE!!! All in one piece, and absolutely perfect! We got it unpacked with no problem, and will give it to dad tomorrow. My daughter will take pictures and I will send you some. I cannot thank you enough. Thanks again! ---Cindy
Posted by Cindy

Noahs Ark Play Set Model
Den, The Ark came yesterday. I opened it last night when I got home. The kids were ecstatic and have not stopped playing with it yet. Thanks again for everything. Richard
Posted by Richard

My scaled Noahs Ark Diorama
This is amazing, what you do! Came yesterday, safe and sound. A couple of trees had come unstuck due to shipping, but otherwise all good. :)While I think of it, I wonder if you've got some stories of how others have made use of their arks, and if so, could you send me some? I've got some ideas myself of course, but, would be great to see how others have made use of these? Thank you so much! Regards, Nathan.
Posted by Nathan

have hunted for a good scale model for the ark . I am an illustrator;wesillustrator.com and finally found this...gorgeous, keep up the great work! wes foley
Posted by wes foley

Scaled Ark Model
Hello, I have admired your work for so long and am thrilled to actually purchase one. I would also like to get an acrylic cover for it as I will be putting on my mantel for display. Please let me know so I can purchase that as well. Thanks, Frances
Posted by Francis

My scaled Ark model
Hi Den, Package received. I have to tell you it is pretty awesome. The detail is incredible. Thanks so much!!!! Francis
Posted by Francis

Hi, I got it today. all is fine, it looks beautiful and perfect. Thanks Gilbert
Posted by Gilbert

Your Ark Models
Hi there, Your models of the Ark are JUST beautiful. I love the 'Noah's Ark play set model'. Thank you! And, bless you for your work. They are just lovely.
Posted by Kathleen

My 56 Inch Ark Model
Den the ark is safe in Mexico every thing worked as planed. The pics I sent you is my father the directer of the bible school.We thank you for every thing you have done for use may God bless your work Den. Have a great day. Lio
Posted by Lio Smitt

My Ark Model has arrived
Greetings I got the ark yesterday. It’s perfect!!! Better than I expected to be honest. It feels so solid and strong. Thank you again. I’ve wanted this for many years and it was worth the wait. (Proverbs 13:12) 12 Expectation postponed is making the heart sick, but the thing desired is a tree of life when it does come. Some translations read: Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. You may see more orders come in as my friends see how awesome this is! Peter
Posted by Peter

My 56 inch ark model
Greetings I'm the person thats bin askt to put up the ark on a display, that Lio Schmitt orderd for the Bibelschool in mexico.Now i wounder if you have some ideas our stories of how others put there ark up on a abeautyfull display in a public place.

Ark Arrived
Received the ark today. Wow...it's even better than the pictures!! Thank you so much. It's going to be a huge blessing to our Creation museum!! Grace and peace. Dr. Carl

My 1/96 Ark Model
Fantastic! We are all inspired, and I've only shown it to my wife and my oldest daughter! Great detail! I can still smell the fresh lacquer! It's beautiful. And it's already doing its work. My daughters 17-year-old friend who was here when we opened it exclaimed 'there's dinosaurs on there! What???' Which already open some doors for some serious discussions about a six day creation (;- ). How do you like that! The first thing it did was open up discussions about Genesis. Amazing!! I can't wait to show my other girls and my son! And the dimensions are perfect. Thank you so much! Dan
Posted by Dan Biddle

Ark has arrived!!
Hello Dennis, The ark arrived today and it looks beautiful! We are really excited to have this and do presentations in our local churches. Thank YOU for building this!! Paul
Posted by Paul Kampe

My 1/96 ark model
Den, The ark arrived. I had to have it shipped to a friends home and he tells me that it is amazing. Unfortunately my work schedule has not allowed me to go to his house and look at it yet. But from what he is telling me, you simply did a fantastic job! Thank you for your work. God Bless, Jeff
Posted by Jeff Neese

Custom ark order
Den. It is beautiful. We hope to install in about a week. You have a wonderful Talent and we are so very fortunate that we found you. Thank you. Please stay safe and warm. Anne

Just a comment
Hi Den - a couple years ago you built a Noah's ark replica for me which has withstood travel and many presentations. Just wanted to say thanks again!
Posted by Dan Biddle

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